Diversitas (Canberra 2009)

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Diversitas – the exhibition of the four ANU graduates who were given an Emerging Artist Support Scheme award in 2008. The exhibition was hosted by the Canberra Potters Society and enabled us to develop a new body of work and present it to the world – well to Canberra anyway! And it was wonderful to have Bev Hogg open the exhibition.

The four potters – Susan Bell, Samira Jorge, Maree Whyte and me – were delighted to be exhibiting together. Two of us were from the Distance Education Diploma program and two from the on-campus Degree program.

I presented 56 individual pieces, some in groups and some individually, reflecting three themes:

  • how the land was created
  • the land as our nurturer
  • the fragile earth

My artist statement reflected what had become my theme and my inspiration.

Our land resonates with stories. My ceramics reflect my response to both stories and place. We tell stories to help us understand. Pots are like stories and by shaping them helps me speak.

In the beginning or in the Dreaming Time … the world was a huge plain extending level and featureless on all sides … where tjukurita (ancestral men) traveled … they performed their everyday tasks – making a fire, camping, digging for water – some natural feature rose out of the bare flat land … (Mountford, 1953)

Does the land create the story – or the stories create the land?